9 Hewitt Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 1Y4

Trevor Bertenshaw

Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care

Trevor Bertenshaw is serving as Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care which involves primarily biblical counseling, oversight of the deacon's board, senior’s group, and benevolence fund.

He has received a Certificate of Completion of his courses with the Institute of Nouthetic Studies under Dr. J. E. Adams and has since developed a thriving counseling ministry at Westminster Chapel.

Formerly Trevor served as an elder in the RPCGA for nine years and was a founding member of an RPCGA church in Oshawa, Ontario. He also taught Sunday School and Catechism Class for five years in the Orthodox Christian Reformed Church.

Trevor was born in the north of England and came to Canada in 1982 where he met his wife Kathy. Trevor and Kathy have been active in the church since their conversion in 1986. They joined the Westminster community in the spring of 2009 and moved to Toronto from Bowmanville in May 2016 to be closer to the ongoing work at Westminster Chapel.


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