9 Hewitt Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 1Y4

Rev. Howard Herbert

Rev. Howard Herbert is a native of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies and has served in ministry in downtown Toronto for 30 years.  He is graduate of Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College and for 7 years served as Interim Pastor of Temple Baptist Church. He is the founder of St. Peter Community Church in Mason Hall, Tobago.  He and his wife Carol founded and lead a ministry called 'I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH EVANGELICAL MISSION OF THE WEST INDIES (nonprofit registered name is 'I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH'). This ministry serves to strengthen and equip churches for outreach in the West Indies. Howard is a part-time member of the pastoral team at Westminster Chapel, where he is involved in outreach into the local community. He has recently retired from the TTC after 35 years of service.


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