9 Hewitt Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 1Y4

George Simopoulos

Equipping Evangelist

George Simopoulos was born in Toronto and raised in Markham, but has moved to the city to do the work of an evangelist. After graduating with a degree in Political Science and Ethics, Society and Law from the University of Toronto (U of T), George began working as a campus minster with Power to Change at U of T, where he has helped train students to share the gospel with their peers. In addition to his work on campus, George has also served as an apologist with Nicene International Ministries and Ultimate Questions, where he has presented material defending the Christian faith. George continues his work on campus but also serves on staff at Westminster Chapel as the equipping evangelist. His vision for Westminster is to make evangelism normal by mobilizing each member of the church to use their gifts towards the aim of proclaiming the gospel.

George is also pursuing his Master in Theological Studies from Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. In his spare time, George enjoys playing board games, studying theology, and cooking. He currently resides in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood with his wife, Sierra.


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