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Order of Service - November 22, 2020

These things I remember, as I pour out my soul: how I would go with the throng and lead them in procession to the house of God with glad shouts and songs of praise, a multitude keeping festival. (Psalm 42:4)


Revelation 1:12-18 (ESV)

12 Then I turned to see the voice that was speaking tome, and on turning I saw seven golden lamp stands, 13 and in the midst of the lamp stands one like a son of man, clothed with a long robe and with a golden sash around his chest. 14 The hairs of his head were white, like white wool, like snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, 15 his feet were like burnished bronze, refined in a furnace, and his voice was like the roar of many waters. 16 In his right hand he held seven stars, from his mouth came a sharp two-edged sword, and his face was like the sun shining in full strength.

17 When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. But he laid his right hand on me, saying, “Fear not, I am the first and the last, 18 and the living one. I died, and behold I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of Death and Hades.

ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles


Come Christians Join to Sing
Text: Christian H. Bateman (1843); Tune: madrid

1. Come Christians join to sing
Alleluia amen
Loud praise to Christ our King
Alleluia amen
Let all with heart and voice
Before His throne rejoice
Praise is His gracious choice
Alleluia amen

2. Come lift your hearts on high
Alleluia amen
Let praises fill the sky
Alleluia amen
He is our Guide and Friend
To us He'll condescend
His love shall never end
Alleluia amen

3. Praise yet our Christ again
Alleluia amen
Life shall not end the strain
Alleluia amen
On heaven's blissful shore
His goodness we'll adore
Singing forevermore, Alleluia amen

On heaven's blissful shore
His goodness we'll adore
Singing forevermore, Alleluia amen


Almighty God, our heavenly Father, we have sinned against you and against our fellow men, in thought and word and deed, through negligence, through weakness, through our own deliberate fault. We are truly sorry, and repent of all our sins. For the sake of your Son Jesus Christ, who died for us, forgive us all that is past, and grant that we may serve you in newness of life, to the glory of your name. Amen.


Nicene Creed, AD 381

We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all things visible and invisible.

We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, eternally begotten from the Father, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, of the same substance as the Father. Through him all things were made. For us men and for our salvation he came down from heaven; he was incarnate by the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, and became man. He was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate; he suffered, died, and was buried. On the third day he rose again according to the Scriptures; he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of Life, who proceeds from the Father [and the Son]. With the Father and the Son he is worshipped and glorified. He has spoken through the Prophets. We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church. We acknowledge one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. And we look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come. Amen.



Hosanna (Praise is Rising)
Text and Music: Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche; © 2005;CCLI #4662491

1. Praise is rising
Eyes are turning to You
We turn to You
Hope is stirring
Hearts are yearning for You
We long for You

'Cause when we see You
We find strength to face the day
In Your presence
All our fears are washed away, washed away

Hosanna hosanna
You are the God who saves us
Worthy of all our praises
Hosanna hosanna
Come have Your way among us
We welcome You here Lord Jesus

2. Hear the sound of
Hearts returning to You
We turn to You
In Your Kingdom
Broken lives are made new
You make us new

The Lion and the Lamb
Text and Music: Brenton Brown, Brian Johnson, Leeland Mooring; © 2015; CCLI #7038281

1. He's coming on the clouds
Kings and kingdoms will bow down
And every chain will break
As broken hearts declare His praise
For who can stop the Lord Almighty

Our God is the Lion, The Lion of Judah
He's roaring with power, And fighting our battles
And every knee will bow before Him
Our God is the Lamb, The Lamb that was slain
For the sins of the world, His blood breaks the chains
And every knee will bow before the Lion and the Lamb
Every knee will bow before Him

2. So open up the gates
Make way before the King of kings
The God who comes to save
Is here to set the captives free
For who can stop the Lord Almighty


Who can stop the Lord Almighty…”(Repeat 4x)



“Here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come. 15 Through him then let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that acknowledge his name. 16 Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” (Hebrews 13:14-16)

Offerings can be given electronically by sending an e-transfer to admin@westminsterchapel.ca (with a memo, “tithes & offerings” or “benevolence”) or through Canada Helps (https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/15609). Cheques can be mailed to Westminster Chapel, 9 Hewitt Ave, Toronto ON M6R 1Y4.  


Text: Thomas Ken (1674); Tune: old hundredth

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav’nly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.



John 3:22-36 (ESV)

22 After this Jesus and his disciples went into the Judean countryside, and he remained there with them and was baptizing. 23 John also was baptizing at Aenon near Salim, because water was plentiful there, and people were coming and being baptized 24 (for John had not yet been put in prison).

25 Now a discussion arose between some of John's disciples and a Jew over purification. 26 And they came to John and said to him, “Rabbi, he who was with you across the Jordan, to whom you bore witness—look, he is baptizing, and all are going to him.” 27 John answered, “A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven. 28 You yourselves bear me witness, that I said, ‘I am not the Christ, but I have been sent before him.’ 29 The one who has the bride is the bridegroom. The friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly at the bridegroom's voice. Therefore this joy of mine is now complete. 30 He must increase, but I must decrease.”

31 He who comes from above is above all. He who is of the earth belongs to the earth and speaks in an earthly way. He who comes from heaven is above all. 32 He bears witness to what he has seen and heard, yet no one receives his testimony. 33 Whoever receives his testimony sets his seal to this, that God is true. 34 For he whom God has sent utters the words of God, for he gives the Spirit without measure. 35 The Father loves the Son and has given all things into his hand. 36 Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.

ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles


“He Must Increase but I Must Decrease"

Russ Hiebert


In Christ Alone
Text and Music: Keith Getty, Stuart Townend; © 2001; CCLI #3350395

1. In Christ alone my hope is found
He is my light my strength my song
This Cornerstone this solid Ground
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
What heights of love what depths of peace
When fears are stilled when strivings cease
My Comforter my All in All
Here in the love of Christ I stand

2. In Christ alone who took on flesh
Fullness of God in helpless babe
This gift of love and righteousness
Scorned by the ones He came to save
Till on that cross as Jesus died
The wrath of God was satisfied
For every sin on Him was laid
Here in the death of Christ I live

3. There in the ground His body lay
Light of the world by darkness slain
Then bursting forth in glorious Day
Up from the grave He rose again
And as He stands in victory
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ

4. No guilt in life no fear in death
This is the power of Christ in me
From life's first cry to final breath
Jesus commands my destiny
No power of hell no scheme of man
Can ever pluck me from His hand
Till He returns or calls me home
Here in the power of Christ I'll stand

(Repeat to end)
No power of hell no scheme of man
Can ever pluck me from His hand
Till He returns or calls me home
Here in the power of Christ I'll stand


“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26)


Ø  Focused Reading: Read and reread Matthew 5:14-16. Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is a season of anticipation and preparation for the coming of Christ, who is the light of the world. As those who belong to him, we’re called to let our light shine before others. Consider how we can let our lights shine in this Advent season.

o   Ongoing Reading: Psalms 128-134 and 2 Peter 1-3.

o   Recite and memorize John 1:14-18.

o   Sing “In Christ Alone” and pray Revelation 1:12-18.


Bible Studies & Prayer

Wednesday Evening Bible Study: The Wednesday Evening Bible Study meets at the church at 7:00 p.m. We are studying the Book of Revelation. For more information, contact Pastor David: david.robinson@westminsterchapel.ca.

Sunday Morning Prayer: Sunday morning prayer meetings take place at 9:15 am in the prayer chapel located just outside of the sanctuary.

Westminster Morning Prayer: Join us for morning prayer via Zoom at 8:00AM (Monday to Saturday). Our morning prayer is 15 minutes and is led by one of our elders. You can find the Zoom link in the church e-newsletter or email the church office: office@westminsterchapel.ca.

Prayer Calendar: We want to encourage the congregation to pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17) during these uncertain times. To that end, we've set up a prayer calendar and invite you to sign up to pray at particular times. Our hope is that at any given time, someone from the church is praying. You will be able to view the calendar and see the names of your brothers and sisters who have committed to pray on different days and times. All you need to do is sign for a prayer slot and we will add your name and time to the prayer calendar. The sign-up form and calendar can be found here: (https://www.westminsterchapel.ca/covid-19-prayer). If you have any questions, or need assistance, please email the church office: office@westminsterchapel.ca.

Church Life & Ministry

Sunday Evening Service: We’re gathering for Sunday evening service at 5:00 PM in the sanctuary. We encourage you to join us as we draw near to the throne of grace and seek to stir up one another in love and good works.

The AGM will be today shortly after the morning worship service. Childcare is available for ages 10 & under in the fellowship hall with pizza lunch. Ministry reports are now available at the Info Desk.

Q&A (Nov. 29): Join us on Nov. 29 for a Q&A shortly after the service, where you’ll be able to ask the questions that will help you apply what we are hearing and learning in the sermon each week.

Covenant Groups: Recently the elders exhorted us to become part of a covenant group at Westminster Chapel. If you’d like to join a covenant group, sign up at the Info Desk and we’ll get you connected.

Evangelism Training -Tuesdays 5:00 pm at Westminster: Are you eager to share the gospel but don't feel confident about what questions to ask or how to respond to questions non-Christians may ask? This winter, we will be going through Christianity Explored, a resource to help explain Christian truths. As we go through this eight-part series, you’ll learn what questions weigh on people's hearts, how to respond to objections, and you’ll be equipped to use Christianity Explored as a tool to share Christ with others!

Photo Directory Update: The Photo Directory is a great way to stay connected to others in the church. If you’re not in the 2019 Photo Directory and would like to be, or if any published info has changed (and you haven’t notified the office), fill out the form at the Info Desk and leave it in the envelope provided. If you’d like to update your photo from the 2019 directory, please email your photo to: office@westminsterchapel.ca by Dec. 3rd.

WCCA Greeting Card Fundraiser: The students at WCCA are designing all-occasion greeting cards with the theme “God’s Glory in Creation.” Each package consists of 6 cards for $20. Part of the proceeds go to WCCA. Order form is available at the Info Desk.

WCCA Poinsettia Fundraiser: Beautiful poinsettias make a wonderful gift to neighbours, coworkers, friends and family during the holiday season. WCCA is selling poinsettias of varying sizes. See brochure and order form at the Info Desk.

The PCC is seeking donations for the Christmas gift bags it distributes to its clients every year. Donations can include: diapers (newborn-3yrs), wipes, a small toy, Walmart/grocery gift card of $25, toiletry item for baby, greeting card offering words of encouragement. Please contact Dianne Foster Kent at kent009@rogers.com if you have questions or plan to make a donation. Donations must be brought to the church by November 29. 


As a local church, we’re personally committed to being together and to loving and caring for one another. Our covenant groups are small groups which gather throughout the city to pray, read and discuss Scripture, and support and encourage one another.

Jaan & Barb Medri (High Park)
Time: meets the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Contact: (medrijaan@yahoo.com)

James & Mary Glover (West Toronto)
Time: meets every other Monday at 7:00 p.m. Contact: (jamesrglover@yahoo.com; maryrglover@yahoo.com)

Joshua & Tricia Martin (Eglinton/Dufferin)
Time: meets the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Contact: (joshua.adam.martin@gmail.com)

Mike & Helen Boot (Westminster Chapel)
Time: meets every Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. with a focus on prayer. Contact:(mikerboot@gmail.com)

Russ & Suzie Hiebert (Etobicoke)
Time: meets the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Contact: (russ@flintls.com; suzie@flintls.com)

Markus & Jeannie Schafer (Downtown)
Time: meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Contact: (mhschafer@gmail.com)

Jeff & Emily Stubbs (Scarborough)
Time: meets every other Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Contact: (jeff.emily.stubbs@gmail.com)

Joe & Jenny Boot (Burlington)
Time: meets the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. Contact: (j.boot@sympatico.ca)